What is an Endangered Species?

A native species was once widespread and is now in decline in numbers and locations. The reason for the decline of a species is varied and complicated and the approach to restoring the species numbers is usually a multifaceted effort.

This website provides several ways to contact a state agency to identify your specimen. Look for the downloadable app to report suspect insects; an electronic form to fill out and send; a Hotline number (1-800-491-1899) to call; or a link to each county’s agricultural commissioner or extension offices.

Recently Extinct Animals and Plants in North America

The list covers extinctions since 1960 of species, subspecies and populations in Canada and the continental United States.

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Inventory of Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants of California

A widely-recognized resource that promotes scientific research, conservation planning and the enforcement of environmental laws.

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Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants

California has the largest number of rare plants of any state in the nation. Many of these species are at risk and are declining while others remain stable or are increasing. Loss of habitat, including habitat fragmentation, is the single, most important factor affecting the long-term survival of these species.


Threatened and Endangered Plants

Find federal and state threatened and endangered plants using custom search criteria.

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